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Web Portal BrochureCustomer Service Teams are continually faced with daily challenges in managing their customer’s expectations.

In this article, we look at the advantages of Lims1 Portal and how it can help free up your Customer Service Staff and help improve customer retention.

With the on-going demands that laboratories experience, Lims1 developers have used their expertise to deliver an innovative easy to use customer solution with Lims1 Web Portal. Completely rebuilt from scratch, Lims1 Web Portal replaces KIWI Web Portal with many new and improved Features. In response to requests from our existing customers, improvements have been incorporated into the new Lims1 Web Portal.

Lims1 Web Portal provides your customers instant access to their Laboratory Data.

Laboratory Data is available 24/7

Customers can access results and reports at any time, from anywhere.  You choose the information you want to make available and when you want to make it available.

Clients can retrieve historical results, Certificates of Analysis

The Database effectively becomes your customer’s database. Laboratories are increasingly asked by their customers to deliver reports and results online. Lims1 Web Portal provides your customers with their own, secure, easy to use web portal where they can download reports, review results and work status.

Clients can register their own samples

Clients can register their own samples prior to delivery with the Lims1 Sample Registration optional add-on, speeding up delivery. Customers can pre-register samples to greatly enhance communication, registration, and resource planning.

Easy Assignment of User Roles and Privileges

Clients can add and Edit users and users can manage their own passwords.

Logout Button

The logout button is now accessible from all screens for added security.

Mobile Friendly Screens

Lims1 Web Portal is Mobile ready. Your clients can now easily access their data in the field. With the optional add-on Sample Registration feature, clients can log in samples as soon as they have collected them in the field.

Security and Compliance

Your data is secure, with Role and permission based authentication and authorization. SSL technology is available ensuring your sensitive information such as client data remain private.

Easy Deployment

Minimal IT involvement

Lims1 Web Portal is a great way to satisfy customer expectations and their increasing demands on laboratory staff. Implementing the Lims1 Portal can free up staff, and keep your customers happy by providing them with the information they need when they want it.

For more information visit or call LTech to organise a demonstration of Lims1 Web Portal – A tool to keeping your customers happy.

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