Add-On Modules

Analytical Batch

This module constructs batches of samples for analysis based on the way you work in your laboratory. It assigns quality control samples at frequencies required. Data quality reports and graphs can be viewed for batch approval and all data is available for statistical analysis.

Importing and Exporting

By using Data Pipe, laboratory instrument data can be imported into Lims1 or the Analytical Batch module. Subcontractor reports may also be directly imported, saving you valuable time and reducing errors. Data Pipe can also be used to export data to interface with other corporate or client systems.


Our module ‘Accounts’ automatically creates invoices for all work performed as well as maintains long-term accounts information for statistical purposes. This information may also be exported to your corporate accounting systems.


Now you can plan and prepare for training without the last-minute scrambling that occurs when recurring training becomes due. That is: when an employee leaves or when we need to train the replacement and when a new equipment arrives, we again have the need to train our people. The list is endless and that is what can be codified by Lab-Trainer, offering you the peace of mind.


As the needs of an organisation grow, the scope of mobile application must expand. This can be achieved by providing a mobile platform rather than a single app and it must be an important design consideration. Using OmniMobile, multiple mobile applications can be integrated to Corporate LIMS1 database.



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