Corrective and Preventative Actions

Manage Laboratory CAPA’s and tasks more efficiently, by organising schedules, project deadlines and email reminders ensuring that you always attend to important activities.

Manage laboratory or sampling incidents, feedback and other issues.


Ensure that your staff member has reviewed all the SOP’s on time and uploaded them for all laboratory staff to be made aware of.

NATA audits can also be added in the Audit Module that will also capture near misses, and any corrective actions.

Reports can be generated at any time and all documents be kept in one place and linked with tasks that need to be carried out.

Conform Tick – a time saving tool!

Accessing The Laboratory From Anywhere!

Introducing Lims1 OmniMobile.

You can now access the laboratory from anywhere.

No more field data sheets, reduce data entry errors and improve your sampling run.

Omni Mobile is always on. Available offline, data can be entered offline and entered directly into the database once online.

Save time with data entry when off site and call now to find out how your laboratory sampling team can enter their results directly into a LIMS.

Lims Software – Laboratory Information Management System – Lims1

Lims1 Web Portal – Completely rebuilt!!

Completely Rebuilt from Scratch Lims1 Web Portal replaces KIWI Web Portal. It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using the latest Technology and Tools. Your customers will see a difference and your IT Department will love the improvements.

Improve Customer Retention Free Up Your Staff Lims1 Web Portal provides your customers instant access to their Laboratory Data

 Laboratory Data is available 24/7. Customers can access at any time, from anywhere

 Clients can retrieve historical results, Certificates of Analysis. The Laboratory Database effectively becomes your customer’s database  With the Lims1 Sample Submission Add-On, Clients can Register Samples prior to Delivery. This can speed up delivery, reduce lab staff data entry, reduce errors.

New and Improved Features Many improvements have been incorporated into the new version in response to requests from our existing customers. Easy Assignment of User Roles and Privileges

 Can easily administer Users, Roles and Privileges from Browser based Admin.

 Clients can add and Edit users

 Users can manage their own passwords Logout Button Logout button now accessible from all screens for added security Mobile Friendly Screens Use paragraphs often. A wall of white text makes it hard for the reader to skim a story and find a way to quickly drop in and out of your content. White space gives the user an opening into your information. Don’t be afraid to leave spaces open. Remote Sample Registration An optional Feature is now available for remote registration of samples and testing requirements. Customers can pre register samples to greatly enhance communication, registration and resource planning.

NOTE: Requires Lims1 Sample Submission Add-On


02 8999 9321

Lims1 Online Sample Submission

Improve Customer Retention Free Up Your Staff Lims1 Online Sample Submission provides your customers the most efficient way to process samples by pre-registering their samples.

 Quicker results – the faster registration process means pre-registered samples hit the lab sooner.

 Improved tracking – pre-registered samples are visible before arrival, so you can easily see which samples have not arrived.

1. Customize your own forms allowing your customers to select the tests required and their descriptions.

2. Form is available on the Lims1 Web Portal for customers to access

3. Job becomes active as a Pre-Registration in Lims1

Lims1 Vault

Documents Management Software Key to Good Quality Lims1 DocuVault provides an easy way to manage your Laboratory Documents centrally as well as a framework for archiving on enterprise level.

 Laboratory Documents in any format can securely be stored to and accessed from one repository.

 It enables secure data sharing, enhances documents’ control, simplifies documents’ review and moves your lab one-step closer to being a paperless lab.

 Version controls and advanced search function will provide your laboratory with flexible way to track changes and enhanced data mining capability.

 A tool to optimize your intellectual control and to ensure compliance to good data and record management which is the first crucial step to good quality management.

 Seamless integration with Lims1 Latest Offering From LTech DocuVault is a Secure, Robust and Enterprise friendly Document Management Software that supports major documents’ formats and allows for seamless integration with ERP Systems and Accounting Software. It is designed to be user friendly, which your staff will love as they will understand how to use it intuitively and it will allow them to focus on what they are trained to do. It is time to simplify your paperwork!


August 2018 – Pia Pharma Chooses Lims1

We are pleased to announce that Pia Pharma has chosen to implement Lims1 Emergent in their new laboratory. The  laboratory, offers a range of measurements, indicating their ability to offer the highest level of professional and technical standards. Pia Pharma required an easy and flexible system with minimal disruption to staffs current practices, and a system that will allow staff to have better traceability of results. Lims1 has allowed the staff to have greater efficiencies in their workflow practices, enabling faster turnarounds for their customers.

Lims1 Emergent

Designed for Emergent Labs

Emergent FeaturesGrowth Platform

Lims1EmergentLims1 Emergent is designed to provide Emerging labs access to powerful LIMS system early on. Hence, providing all the necessary tools required for effective lab management.

As your operations grow, transition to full Lims1 system is easy and could be done instantaneously. Saving you the hassle normally required to upgrade the systems. Users could be adjusted at anytime.

We will accompany you throughout your journey.

LTech is committed to deliver an easy and flexible LIMS products and services for superior lab management. Lims1 Emergent is specifically designed to fulfil the need of emerging labs with a robust yet cost effective LIMS system.


Lims1 Emergent, offered as SaaS, enable laboratories to track and manage their complete samples’ lifecycle. And to provide a platform for an efficient and effective sample management.

Everything your Lab needs:Phone

  • An affordable LIMS system
  • Modular, Lab could add specific functions as required
  • Scalable, easy transition to Lims1 full system as lab grows
  • Traceability, Various security and audit trail to maintain integrity
  • Data mining & Report — Automatic COAs generation, since data is captured electronically, trend charting is possible.
  • Assist Lab with regulatory and quality compliance (ISO 9000, ISO 17025 etc.
“Lims1 is one of the lab’s best investments and is fast becoming a productivity tool”

· Edgar Salvador

Townsville Laboratory Services

Launch of Lims1 Hosted

Lims1 Hosted is a fully functional offering of Lims1 that is hosted by LTech.  Customers can enjoy all of the functionality without the hassle of IT management and overheads. Benefits include Predicatable Costs, Scalability and Full Supply Chain Support.

LTech takes full responsibility for Servers, Databases, Backups and Connections. All that the laboratory requires is a workstation and an internet connection. Lims1 Hosted offers a one stop shop. Support requests and responses are streamlined and rapid.


July 2015: Diagnostic and Analytical Services choose Lims1

The NSW Department of Primary Industries, Diagnostic and Analytical Services has replaced its existing LIMS with Lims1(Flexible LIMS software system). The role of Diagnostic and Analytical Services (DAS) is to provide quality assured laboratory testing services in the fields of veterinary pathology, analytical chemistry and plant health. Clients of DAS are both internal and external. Internal clients include research projects and animal and plant health surveillance programs. External clients include Commonwealth and State Government agencies, local government, rural producers, veterinary practitioners and the private sector. DAS is also responsible for implementing and maintaining quality management systems and associated certification/accreditation of the department’s laboratories and equipment maintenance in research laboratories.
Lims1 has allowed the staff an easy and flexible system of monitoring and tracking workflow through the laboratory, and generating reports at the click of a button without the need of a programmer.