Lims1 Vault

Documents Management Software Key to Good Quality Lims1 DocuVault provides an easy way to manage your Laboratory Documents centrally as well as a framework for archiving on enterprise level.

 Laboratory Documents in any format can securely be stored to and accessed from one repository.

 It enables secure data sharing, enhances documents’ control, simplifies documents’ review and moves your lab one-step closer to being a paperless lab.

 Version controls and advanced search function will provide your laboratory with flexible way to track changes and enhanced data mining capability.

 A tool to optimize your intellectual control and to ensure compliance to good data and record management which is the first crucial step to good quality management.

 Seamless integration with Lims1 Latest Offering From LTech DocuVault is a Secure, Robust and Enterprise friendly Document Management Software that supports major documents’ formats and allows for seamless integration with ERP Systems and Accounting Software. It is designed to be user friendly, which your staff will love as they will understand how to use it intuitively and it will allow them to focus on what they are trained to do. It is time to simplify your paperwork!


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