Lims1 Web Portal

Improve Customer Retention
Free Up Your Staff

Lims1 Web Portal provides your customers instant access to their Laboratory Data

  • Laboratory Data is available 24/7. Customers can access at any time, from anywhere
  • Clients can retrieve historical results, Certificates of Analysis. The Laboratory Database effectively becomes your customer’s database
  • With the Lims1 Sample Submission Add-On, Clients can Register Sam-ples prior to Delivery. This can speed up delivery, reduce lab staff data entry, reduce errors

Completely Rebuilt from Scratch

Lims1 Web Portal replaces KIWI Web Portal. It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using the latest Technology and Tools. Your customers will see a difference and your IT Department will love the improvements.



• Modern Presentation

• Highly Customisable

• Very Secure (SSL)

• Latest Technology

• Mobile Ready

• Registration of Samples

Full Control over Users, Roles and Privileges

Mobile Ready

Lims1 Web Portal is ready for mobile phone access. The portal automatically adjusts for the user device.
Clients can now easily access their data in the filed.
With the inclusion of the optional Sample Registration feature clients can log in samples as soon as they have collected them in the field. This reduces paperwork for the client and the lab. The lab has prior notice of expected samples and the sample registration is significantly streamlined.

New and Improved Features

Many improvements have been incorporated into the new version in response to requests from our existing customers.

Easy Assignment of User Roles and Privileges

  • Can easily administer Users, Roles and Privileges from Browser based Admin.
  • Clients can add and Edit users
  • Users can manage their own passwords

Logout Button

Logout button now accessible from all screens for added security

Mobile Friendly Screens

Use paragraphs often. A wall of white text makes it hard for the reader to skim a story and find a way to quickly drop in and out of your content. White space gives the user an opening into your information. Don’t be afraid to leave spaces open.

Remote Sample Registration

An optional Feature is now available for remote registration of samples and testing requirements. Customers can pre register samples to greatly enhance communication, registration and resource planning.

NOTE: Requires Lims1 Sample Submission Add-On

Recent Implementations

International Exposure

AgriGen’s scientific expertise in PCR method development and validation and their ‘regulatory awareness’ deliver state-of-the-art, world class DNA testing services.

Agrigen customers are located in all corners of the globe. The Web Portal provides the ability for their clients to access results and files at any time of the day or night from any time zone.

LTech was able to assist with configuration, installation of databases and executables, creation of users and training. Having a hosted system that we could work on in tandem with the client was invaluable.

AgriGen accesses the system with a combination of Microsoft and Apple workstations.


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