July 2015: Diagnostic and Analytical Services choose Lims1

The NSW Department of Primary Industries, Diagnostic and Analytical Services has replaced its existing LIMS with Lims1(Flexible LIMS software system). The role of Diagnostic and Analytical Services (DAS) is to provide quality assured laboratory testing services in the fields of veterinary pathology, analytical chemistry and plant health. Clients of DAS are both internal and external. Internal clients include research projects and animal and plant health surveillance programs. External clients include Commonwealth and State Government agencies, local government, rural producers, veterinary practitioners and the private sector. DAS is also responsible for implementing and maintaining quality management systems and associated certification/accreditation of the department’s laboratories and equipment maintenance in research laboratories.
Lims1 has allowed the staff an easy and flexible system of monitoring and tracking workflow through the laboratory, and generating reports at the click of a button without the need of a programmer.