April 2015: NSW Department of Primary Industries replaces existing LIMS with Lims1

LTech are pleased to announce that NSW Department of Primary Industries have chosen to replace their existing LIMS with Lims1.

NSW Office of Water in the Department of Primary Industries is responsible for the management of the states surface and groundwater resources.

NSW Office of Water reports to the NSW Government for Water Policy and the administration of key water management legislation, including the Water Management Act 2000 and Water Act 1912.

NSW Office of Water were looking at a system with capabilities of handling large volumes of client requests, an easy and flexible system to monitor work status and data mining capabilities. Lims1 has allowed NSW Office of Water to have greater efficiencies in the laboratory without the need of a programmer. The staff at NSW Office of Water have the capability to monitor the quantity and quality of the laboratories data in accordance to policies and legislations.